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Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 5 hard to believe

Hard to believe my hiney butt has made it to the gym 5 days in a row... Last nights class was fun... it was more light resistance training than cardio.. I'd call it a stepped down body pump class.. but the instructor was a hoot.. and pretty fine looking for a 62 yr old man... and in his day job.. he is a writer for Paul Harvey (national talk radio guy).. anyhow.. onto today...

Chest, Shoulder, and back supersets...

Flat DB Press 3/12/25lbs SS w/Flat DB Fly 3/12/12.5 lbs - probably could have handled 15 lbs but I'm still a bit sore from last nights class.

Seated Row 4/12/80, 90,90,90 SS w/Straight Arm Pushdown 4/12/50 - think I could have pushed 100 on seated row too

Upright row w/preacher curl bar
3/12/bar + 5lbs total SS w/Side Lat Raise 3/12/10

23 minutes on revolving stairs Level 5 intervals 64 floors/1.39miles worth. At this point I was pretty stinky and couldn't stand myself... it was hot in the gym, and I was sweaty.... those revolving stairs kick my ass.

somehow I gotta figure out how to work in this total chisel class with my other resistance training... its just a fun class... I guess as long as I keep it light and use the 9 lb body bar instead of 15 etc... I should be ok...

this same instructor teaches a spin class that I'm going to check out Saturday AM... he really made the chisel class fun so I'm hoping he is the same in a spin class. I love spin but if you get a sucky instructor it almost seems like a waste of an hour..

For now.. I think I'm either going to clean or head back to the gym for some laps in the pool - whichever one I chose I will do the other tomorrow... hhmm maybe it will be cleaning tonight then do spin AND swim tomorrow, my apartment is so nice and warm... I hate the idea of going back out into the single digit temps... decisions decisions

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