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Friday, May 1, 2009

Boulder Shoulders

I love training shoulders, was a little tired today but I think I still hit them pretty good. Not sure why but half way thru workout I was feeling a bit sick to my stomach... feel ok now so not sure what that was all about.

Heading to Rockford IL tomorrow. If he needs help with manning the booth for DVD sales I will help George. He does the video for Kevin Noble's BBing shows... and he does an excellent job. How cool is it as a competitor to order a DVD and be able to have your posing routine up on the web within 48 hrs of the show? As a competitor I can tell you its fucking GREAT! You want to share that with so many that can't make the show itself and to be able to direct them to George's website, www.pradelproductions.com and see your evening routine within days.. it rocks...
previously you'd have to wait WEEKS to get the DVD's/Video in the mail...

So onto today's shoulder workout...

Cable Side Lateral Raise

1/15 @ 10 x 3 sets

DB Shoulder Press

1/10 @ 35
1/10 @ 40
1/10 @ 40

DB Side Lat Raise

1/12 @ 20 x 3 Sets

Bentover DB Rear Lat Raise

1/10 @ 25
1/12 @ 20
1/12 @ 20

then finally the smith machine hogs moved on

Smith Machine Military Press

1/10 @ 50 x 3 sets (normally I can hit it with 70lbs but I had to put it at the end and I was getting tired)

then 60 min on step mill, 158 floors/3.28 miles climbed... as usual I work calves on this machine by taking the steps on my tip toes and varying the placement, in, out middle - I have weird calves, they are long so I have to hit them at various angles to get any developement out of them....

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