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Monday, May 4, 2009

Bodybuilding show from Saturday

Listen I am NOT a conceited person... I am the first to downplay myself... but WOW there was not a lot of good competition in the female BBing at this show. I think, sans the fact I am pale and pasty white, I could have put on the posing suit, gotten up there and taken a trophy home, easily..

and if I'd incorporated 'hell week' (that last week before show) yeah it would have been easy to place...

Reality is I want competition - I want to know when I WIN! its because I WAS in the best condition. I am not sure I could even compete if there were no other's in my weight class - that would be like winning by default and that isn't how I want to win, cause no one else showed up ya know...

didn't get a lot of great pics cause I was so far back, but you can check out some of the video at www.pradelproductions.com and pics should be up soon at Hub Sports Photography too...

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