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Monday, May 4, 2009

The old reincarnated again?

as I said this blog is nothing more than a personal journal for me.. I think about it and write to document it.. hoping for some insightful comings together at some point..

so in trying to come to grips with my funk.. I realized why I kind of missed Rob so much... and its his way of pushing me in the gym. Let me explain a bit....

when I was 215 pounds and entered a transformation contest at leanness lifestyle, I had to find a trainer that could do body fat testing with calipers... well... I called many gyms in my east coast area, no one could do caliper test... but just about when I was gonna give up... I called one more gym and got Mike Farmer who was able to do a caliper test...

so we set up a time, met up and well the rest is history. He was interested in what I was doing, and I would need him at least 2 more times over the course of this on line contest. By the 2nd testing 4ish weeks in... we chatted about some personal training and this was the start of the best two year realtionship in my life...

Mike had this style about him that made him great. He didn't blow sunshine up your ass, well unless you deserved it for hard work, but he was so encouraging. at that time I was the only women in free weight section of the gym.. I was fat, felt ugly and awkward and out of place but I was welcomed as 'one of the boys' -

as anal retentive as it sounds... I have every single post it note w/dates of the caliper test he took of me.

Under his guidance.. I went for 39% BF to 12% BF and I looked and felt wonderful when I was there. He pushed and he pushed me hard. RARELY did he ever ask me what weight I wanted on the squat bar, or deadlift bar, or on the belt around my waist for weighted pullups, he just set it up and with his spot I was confident I could do it.. so many PR's under his guidance and a love of how my phsyique was growing and changing... When I left the east coast, we had been together two years and it was VERY hard for me to leave such a great trainer and friend.

So in thinking what it is the other day about why I have so much fun when I am in the gym with Rob.. it like slapped me in the face... he is a lot like Mike. He pushes me to points and beyond that I swear are not possible. He is so sharing of his style of training and why he does this or that and explains it all to me with such great care and patience.

I know some get annoyed to have to explain something, they just want you to do and not question.... MM MM no I question not because I don't trust but because if I understand the method of A to Z, then when you have me doing part L it makes more sense to me - give me the whole picture, let me ask questions, if it makes sense I get to work.

NO idea what will come of any of this but at the very least I have a friend that pushes my limits in the gym and I love that a lot!

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