just when the caterpillar thought that life was over,
it became

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sick and Tired

Of people who claim to be friends, yet have no fucking idea HOW to be a friend.

It doesn't take much you know.. a kind word, a random phone call, a text out of the blue, a quick email, maybe a cute .99 cent fucking card you saw while perusing the drug store for something else... i dunno...

I am so sick and tired of friendships or so called friendships or people that say they are your friend, yet really don't do much to show it.

It hurts more than anything... I mean deep down to the core, dig my heart out with a knife and no pain numbing drugs, kind of hurt.


derf said...

Hi I saw you comment on Sheila's blog. Are you Kim that goes out with Kevin and lives in Elmhurst? We met at bbq at Kristen's couple years ago? I remember you had done a couple tris and were into bodybuilding.


Kim said...

Hi Fred... yes that would be me.. but Kevin and I are no longer dating... and I've gone back to my first love.. BBing :o)

Crackhead said...

Kim, I hear you on the people claiming to be friends and have no fucking idea how to do it. What??? You mean it requires some THOUGHT AND WORK??? Some people just aren't worth the investment.

And yeah, you and me need to get together in a few weeks.