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Friday, May 8, 2009

Living Dead Girl!

Yes that is exactly how I felt with today’s workout…

I’m sure a lot of it was the less than 12 hrs between a good back workout and today’s shoulder workout…

Since I didn’t get up at my usual 3:30 am to get to the gym at 4am on Thursday, it meant going to the gym after work… so I was doing back and cardio from 5-7pm on Thursday…

Today, even though I didn’t get to bed till about 10pm Thursday night, I still got up at 3:30 and was at the gym by 4am for shoulders and cardio. I didn’t feel TOO sleepy or tired but I guess I was cause normally working shoulders is my favorite part to work and I was JUST NOT INTO IT.

The weights felt heavy… and when I was just about ready to be pissed about it all (like having to lighten up the poundage on side lat raises) it dawned on me that I really had not had much recovery time between the two workouts…

imagine this…

I cut myself some slack! Not in the sense of I blew off any of the sets or reps, but I allowed myself to lighten the poundage if I needed to…

Seated Military Press
1/10 @ 50
1/10 @ 70
1/10 @ 70
1/8 @ 70

Cable Side Raise

1/15 @ 10 x 3 sets

DB Side Lateral Raise

1/12 @ 20
1/12 @ 20
1/15 @ 15

Bent Over DB Raises

1/12 @ 20 x 3 sets

Front Raises

1/10 @ 20
1/10 @ 25 (plate)
1/15 @ 20

Finished up with 60 minutes on the stepmill 4.3 miles/211 floors climbed, went by pretty quick I was reading a good story written by my therapist (more on this later).

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