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it became

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Military Press on Smith

1/10 @ 50
1/15 @ 50
1/8 @ 60 (only counting plate weight not sure what bar weighs)

CAble side Raise

1/15 @ 15 x 3 sets

DB Side Raise

1/10 @ 20
1/12 @ 15 x 2 sets

Bent over Raise (felt awful pain/tweak in right shoulder nuff to stop me from these)

1/10 @ 22.5
1/8 @ 20

But too stubborn to stop all together...

Upright Rows

1/10 @ 45
1/10 @ 50 x 2 sets

Cable Front Raise

1/10 @ 10 x 2 sets

DB Front Raise

1/10 @ 20 x 3 sets

DB Cleans

1/15 @ 30 (i think)

Sunday I was tired and cranky... I did not want to lift, I did not want to do cardio... it was a mental melt down day for me.

I got thru the workout, Rob went along with me to spot - thank you... I felt a not so nice pain in my right shoulder on bent over raises... but to stupid and stubborn to nix entire workout so I worked around it.. and the rest of what I did felt ok with out pain..

my cardio sucked.... same time out 1hr40min, only got 7 ish miles under me this time.. had to walk more than my run (which IS truly a shuffle) and I was just very emotional for some reason, as some of you who got my texts are well aware...

its honestly the first time since I started all this on Dec 1 that I really and I mean REALLY questioned what the fuck I'm doing... folks round St Cloud must think I'm crazy I was crying during my time out, wondering WTF I'm doing this for - still seeking an answer...

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