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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Family Weekend

Teri and Jayce
Teri and Don
Don and I
Don's beer can chicken
Jayce, John and Gavin
I guess the realization that I am moving soon and my brother, Teri, Jayce and Gavin will now just not be an hour and 15 min drive.... is starting to set in.. so this weekend while I was there.. I subjected them to the wrath of my camera....

John and Jayce
Me and Teri
Jayce making fun of Don's Grating skills
My niece Jayce and I

Helping in the kitchen w/Bread
Kim and Gavin
Gavin and don
Brother in the kitchen
ready to watch the Cubs Lose its all about the beer
don and jayce
So proud of his grilling skills

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Michelle said...

How fun! I love beer can chicken myself. And I love your new blog header pictures, gorgeous! Your event is not too far off, 31 days! You look fabulous. Hope you're feeling fabulous too!!