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it became

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

On my way to Florida!!!! FINALLY!

Well after what has seemed like a long ass few weeks....I am finally at the airport on my way to Florida. Funny... I really expected to be a bit nervous but I'm not at all... actually right now, I'm kinda tired... I woke up at 2:30 and couldn't get back to sleep, hit the gym for legs and abs, tanned, then came home and straightened up apartment a bit, and packed, did laundry and ran last minute errands... and of course sent text messages every couple hours to Matt counting down the time..

Getting to airport was a bit hairy... more construction and the airport exit was closed... thank God for some smart person that invented GPS!!! The good Lord did NOT bless me with a sense of direction at all, but then he gave me brains and looks so can't have everything right ;o) But I built in plenty of extra time just in case.... I was here easily 2 hrs before my flight.... and with that... gonna say so long for now, since after a gallon of water today and its only 4:38... I have to pee again before they start boarding in 20 min....

that is one pitfall to traveling alone... having to haul all your crap to the bathroom with you... at least with travel companion you can say hey watch this I'll be back...

so with that... hey watch this.. I'll be right back!

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