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Saturday, August 15, 2009

the road to "I DO"

today I attended the most awesome seminar... its called The Road to "I DO" its for married, engaged couples, singles... if you get a chance to hear Bob and Cheryl Moeller speak PLEASE don't pass it up... I laughed, I cried, and I heard such great information about marriage that has let me know that Matt is God's chosen one for me... As God brought Eve to Adam... God has brought Matt to me... or I should say me to Matt... I now do know why... my choice for moving was TO Florida... it was really God's plan His way of getting me to Matthew.....

I only wish Matt was here to have heard this but alas I am in IL till Sept and he is in Florida... I literally have pages of notes... I think these two could video this seminar and sell the DVD's cause I'd buy it... this is great information that anyone thinking about marriage can use, or even if your single.. or even already married and need to turn things around..

The have a ministry, For Better, For Worse, For Keeps... and I have put a link to Cheryl's blog... please please please... do yourself a favor... find when/where their next Road to I DO is and GO!!!!!

I can tell you if I had heard 1/2 of this... 1/10 of this prior to marriage before... I would not have gotten married and then subsequently divorced.... I was not ready and he was not right and truth is I was not right for him... People just go, listen and you will KNOW what I'm speaking about...


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