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Saturday, August 22, 2009

You are so maternal.... :o)

some days I feel like Dear Abby... friends asking what should I do about X, how should I respond about Y??? I am no expert... good gosh I've been married twice, been in some odd relationships.. I am a food addict, I binge eat, yet your asking my relationship advice???? I am ok with offer advice when asked.. does not mean my advice is gospel... heck its only opinion, my thoughts as an outsider looking in..

and that IN is not just at YOUR relationship(s) it is also looking in at my own...

but tonight my friend D gave me about the best compliment he could have given and I don't even believe he is aware of it..

ME: we are all subject to weakness that is why Jesus made that sacrafice for ALL of us. we fall short.. embrace it and KNOW you are loved..

D: YOu are spending a lot of time in seminary dear

ME: Right where EYE need to be w/o God first the rest makes no sense, least to me lately.

D: God and I are not speaking right now.. I have nothing to say lately

ME: I do understand that believe it or not you wont' mind if I pray for you though will you?

D: you are wasting your breath but knock yourself out


D: sorry just been cynical and I am not trying to offend

ME: No offense taken you are worth the effort and prayers my friend like it or not I love and care for you


imagine that.. me...maternal... OMG that was like the best compliment my friend could have ever EVER given me

ME: don't mean to come off or treat you like a child I hope that is not how I come off I just love and care about you and hate to see you hurting.

D: I know that. I don't feel you are treating me like a child either. at least YOU care and that I appreciate.. its nice to know someone does...

imagine.. ME... maternal.... I don't think I could have gotten a better compliment today...

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