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it became

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I will start by saying I know this is not very Christian like, but at the same time to frustrates the heck out of me... be it family or friends why do I always have to be the one to drive to see people?  Why is it no one can take the time to drive and come to see me? 

I dunno I think its sad that my friend David, who I really don't know has been a better friend to me than others I've know for a few years.  On more than one occasion David has taken the time to drive to Elmhurst to workout and hang with me, and I have done the same going to see him... My friend Rich, a young kid but very together for his 25 yrs... drove 5 flipping hours from O'Fallon IL to hang out for the weekend...Chayna who lives in NJ will be flying in for the weekend.. granted it was originally for the competition but just the same she could have changed her flight....

Yet I have friends that have lived or live an hour or less away... I have family that lives 1.5 hrs away... do THEY ever make the effort to come spend an hour with me?

Well I'm sorry I can't and won't feel badly about not making time for those people... if you ARE my so called friends well than act like it... I am 20 days from moving I am busy at work trying to get things wrapped up there, I am busy packing so right now I don't have time to take to go visit you... but IF you are a friend YOU do have the time to maybe come see me....I can almost guarantee unless EYE take the time which I do not have I will see three people before I leave this state.. David, Rich, Chayna...

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