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Thursday, September 3, 2009

The REAL cost....

As much as I'd like the district to keep me on board to clean up the mess in our system... If it’s God's will it will happen, if not, well guess the district will continue to piece meal and pay for a system they can't use to its full potential...
how sad is it that they can't see that, the real dollars and cents its costing them to keep going the way they are… unable to produce reports, unable to use the system to its greatest potential because of the GIGO…
I GET the fact we are in a budget crunch… yet we give money away to certified staff like no tomorrow, we get robbed from certain staff members literally, yet its allowed to continue… cut that shit out and you’d be able to pay me for the 3ish or so months it might take to get this system cleaned up the way it should be…
And I don’t toot my own horn often...I really don’t and if you know me you know it’s NOT how I am... but the reality of THIS situation… I get this system…I get how all the pieces of position, assignment, calendars, hours per day, etc all work together… I GET IT!  We have staff members that have been there for a lot longer than I have that cannot see this big picture and after 1.5 yrs on this system STILL don’t see or care how what they enter affects someone’s pay….
I get it, I see it, and I WANT to clean it up so it works like it should…. Yes selfishly this benefits me… might keep me with some income for a few months… but the other reality is… I like what I do, the folks I work with and it important to me to clean this mess up so it works like it should for them going forward.  Yes you can FORCE the staff members to stay after hours and work to clean it up but I can tell you it won’t get done properly even then because THEY DON’T SEE IT OR GET IT LIKE I DO…..
The truth of the matter is yes money is tight, but what are you spending, or well wasting on a system you really can’t use?  And what good is it going to do you to force those that don’t give a shit to clean it up?  And what good will it do to force them when if they don’t get it they can’t see HOW to clean it up??? 
Would seem more cost effective to me to keep me on board working remotely to clean this up for a few months then the dollars and cents being tossed after garbage now….and all the additional training in the world is NOT going to have the remaining staff members understanding how it all works….

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