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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Awesome book

The other day when Trevor had a 1/2 day of school... we decided to go have lunch with Matt and then do some exploring in that area of North Charleston.  Our goal was to find the Sam's club but of course being the directionally challenged soul I am we missed our exit and got turned around...

However all was not lost because we found the Tanger Outlets.  We decided to spend a few bumming around the outlets to see what was there.  We found a shoe outlet and both Trevor and I got new sneakers.  Yes I know I have TONS of sneakers, mostly running shoes, but they are all in storage and I needed a new pair of walking around sneakers the soles literally have come off my others.

We continued to walk around and I found a cool bookstore, Christian bookstore at that, and even better or a definite bonus... almost everything was $5!  Yes $5!  Ok I have a hard time passing up a good book, let alone a book for $5.  Of course the downside was I realized just how much mark up there is on books... a book I recently bought at Family Christian books for $19.95 was in this bookstore for...yes $5!  UGH!!!! and it was a brand new, hard cover book just like the one I purchased for $15 less...

Anyhow... I found a really great book in this store called... Couples Who Pray its written by SQuire Rushnell and his wife Louise DuArt.  Its a really easy read and I finished it in a few days... there are a lot of highlight stories of couples, famous and not famous, that have always prayed together or took up the 40 day pray challenge in the book and how its really transformed their relationships.  Its not just about praying as in "now I lay me down to sleep" kind of prayers, but basically about praying with your significant other as you would pray to God on your own.  Its not about taking lots of time out of your day, but to commit to taking at least 5 minutes a day to pray together as a couple.

Matt hasn't read the book yet, but said he would when I finished... but last night he read to me from Genesis (like son like father ;o) but before that he said prayers with me... it really was awesome and heartfelt and dare I say.... romantic?  I just never would have thought so but it was... I mean we say grace before meals and we have discussions about God all the time, heck we sat here Tuesday night for over 2 hrs having a discussion on the subject of the rapture and last Sunday's sermon from church, but this.... this act was so different and SO WONDERFUL!

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