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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bi's and Tri's

I think my trick to peeps not taking up space on equipment and only working their jaw muscle... being there earlier....

Dumbbell Curls

4 x 12 x 25

Tricep Rope Pushdowns

4 x 12 x 60

Barbell Curls

4 x 12 x 40


4 x 12 x 40

Bicep Rope Cable Curls

4 x 12 x 50

Tricep Rope Overhead Kickouts

1 x 12 x 70
3 x 12 x 80

If your every wondering what any of these exercises are... please feel free to ask or you can visit EXRX for a list of body parts and various exercises you can do for those parts...

1 comment:

Sara said...

i did bi's and tri's this morning but i'm going to write this one down for the next arm workout. looks great!