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Monday, October 5, 2009

In need of a new attitude...

Ok now its gotta rain everywhere at times.. but darn if these rainy all day events don't just make me drag... woke up last night to the sound of the rain, had hoped that like other days its rained here it would clear up by early morning... mmmm not today and boy has my attitude been just as poor as the weather today.

maybe its cause one of the houses we looked at this weekend and REALLY liked, we found is not available now... been working with a really nice realtor, Franki Hunter, and this particular listing was not under the guise of her agency.. was listed with another realtor... so we looked at it Saturday and we all liked it, Trevor included...

So today I emailed her that we'd like to get the ball rolling on this and she gets back to me saying it was rented Friday??? WHAT we just looked at it Saturday... she said she knew and was VERY upset with the listing agency as they could have given her a courtesy call since they knew she was taking peeps there (us) on Saturday to look at it... oh well its not her fault... that other agent should have done a proper courtesy of calling her but... I am trying to hold to Matt's words when I told him and he heard my disappointment... that this is God's plan and He has something else in mind for us right now... maybe something even better then that one we looked at and liked will come our way..

still, I'm bummed this was so perfect.. OMG the master bedroom and bath.. exactly like what I would have if I built a home.. close to school, closer to Matt's work... sigh....

somehow if she had told me this and it was a bright sunny day... I don't think it would be hitting me the same way... I do believe I am effected drastically by gloomy days and I know when winter hits in the midwest... I will be damn glad I am in the south!

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GirlyMuscle said...

Then that's not the house you're meant to be in. The right one will come along and it will be perfect.

Rain affects me the same way.