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Friday, October 23, 2009

Yesterday's shoulder work

I love training shoulders... I don't brag on myself much but I will say... I DO Love my shoulders... to me there is just something about seeing a woman with defined arms...

Linda Hamilton in Terminator, Angela Basset in Whats Love Got to do with it or How Stella got her groove back, defined arms, round, capped shoulders, seeing the awesome striations and separation where shoulder muscle ends and bi's/tri's begin... its like a sculpted piece of clay, a work of art to me....

So I always look forward to shoulder training day....

Seated Shoulder DB Press
2 x 12 x 30
2 x 12 x 35

DB Side Lat Raise
4 x 12 x 15

Bent Over Rear Delt Raise
3 x 12 x 15

Seated Smith Machine Military Press
3 x 12 x Bar+20 each side
1 x 8 x Bar+25 each side

DB Front Raise
1 x 12 x 15
2 x 12 x 20
1 x 12 x 15

I like training back to and its another strong feature.. but I can't SEE my back when I train it... so what is nice about shoulders is you can see the muscle when your working it... it took me a long time and I mean a LONG time (ask my friend Erin or George) to be able to 'look' at myself in the mirror when I am working out... its not a vanity thing at all... ladies and gents... trust me there IS something very powerful about watching the muscle under the skin expand and contract and grow(well ok the growth happens in your sleep really and when the muscle is repairing and resting but...)

so when your lifting don't be afraid, get in front of that mirror, watch what your doing... its also a good way to keep a check on your form and if your not sure of proper form... invest in a few sessions with a personal trainer to show you good form if nothing else....

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Sara said...

i did shoulders yesterday too! are we on the same training schedule or what? back today? anyhow, i also love training shoulders although i took a look at that workout and immediately knew why your shoulders are so incredible....what a workout! the bi's and tri's i could definitely try out but this...i'll have to work up to this! thanks for sharing!