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Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Lesson in not leaving gifts under the tree

Well I've looked under help on how to post a video.. and there is supposed to be some icon next to the icon to post a picture, but for some reason I don't have that icon on my blogger toolbar thingy and can't figure out how to get it there??? So I guess I will have to upload the baptism clip to you tube and then maybe I can post a link???

So on Christmas... since Trevor is still at the age he believes in Santa... Matt felt this need to make it all special, which really backfired... days prior to Christmas I had wrapped some gifts for Matt and put them under the tree and of course it bugged Trevor to no end...

'why isn't there anything for me'

' well Santa hasn't come yet'

"no why isn't there anything for me from you or dad"

"because I don't want to hear you whine from now to Christmas... I want to open gifts, so I chose not to put them there so as to not tempt you"

Heeeeheee heee... Matt should have done the same and listened to me... So Christmas Eve we get home from church and Trevor is allowed to open one gift.. He had 3 he could pick from.. He chose from the three and of course the one he picked wasn't good enough (yes I do have deep seeded issues with ungratefulness - having grown up with nothing I do appreciate things)...

Anyhow we finally get him in bed and now have to wait till he is asleep... Prior to Christmas Eve.. I had a 'letter from Santa' sent to Trevor - he always laments about not getting mail (little does he know 90% of what Matt or I get are bills or junk mail) so I figured a cool official letter from Santa... it talked in the letter about how Jesus was the reason for the season and how Trevor had been on the good list (in retrospect I should have had the letter saying you've been naughty sent instead maybe that would have averted the issue??)

So Matt wanted to have a 'follow up' letter left by Santa... so he typed up a letter at work and then took the time to make it look like parchment paper w/some vinegar and a steeped teabag..it was kinda cool... he rolled it up like a scroll and tied a sleigh bell around it (inside the note it mentioned he had been good again and Rudolph was so impressed he left him part of his sleigh bell something only good boys or girls get from Rudolph).. poor Rudolph was duped too... we left out milk and cookies for Santa and of course carrots for the reindeer... Matt even took the time to leave some crumbs on the fireplace hearth, and nibbles out of the carrots, and tipped over the candle holder that is on the hearth.. kind of like Santa accidentally knocked it over when he was going back up... ok NOW its flipping 2am and we finally get to bed... only to be woke up at 3:30am by a knock on the door...

"santa's been here"

"Trevor its 3:30 in the morning go back to bed"

In hindsight one of us should have gotten up, but maybe it was already to late... we did get up at 7:15 and the thought crossed my mind... why has Trevor not bugged us again... well I was soon to find out...

Matt went into his room to peek and see if he was awake... and we find he had already opened all his Santa gifts and his stocking.. I was so ticked... all the time and effort Matt and I took to make that morning so special and we got to see none of it on his face... there he was in his bed playing with his Nintendo DSI game that Santa brought... his excuse...

"i didn't know"... I said Trevor you did know better you are not a baby and what did you think sitting here in the dark opening those gifts, it must have been pretty lonely... I told him he wouldn't have to worry next year about Rudolph leaving him any sleigh bells and that Santa would have to wake us up and leave any gifts in our room on Christmas eve because he knows now not to leave them under the tree... and you can believe it might be 10am before I even think of venturing out of bed next Christmas.  It really was a downer to the start of the day.

We did make him wait to open the rest of his gifts the ones from us... in fact he had to wait until Matt and I were done and of course we took our time. I think it took me a good hour to open just a few things :o)

Santa did bless me with some nice things.. a nikon D3000 camera that might take me till I am 100 to figure out how to use..but hey its digital so any bad photo's just delete them!  I know our library in IL had various classes and at times had a learn how to make the most of your digital camera classes.. I am hoping I can find something similar around SC....if I can ever figure it out... I can start peppering my blog with some cool new pics!

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Alicia said...

Oh, Kim, I'm so sorry that Christmas ended up being that way. I hope he finally realized what he had done. You and your husband really went over and beyond to make it special for him.