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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking for suggestions

I love to read, and of course love to kill time on the dreadmill, which I need to get back on.. eh hem... cough cough, spit, sputter... I have found sometimes mindless dreamill time is eased by listening to an audio book.

I've had an account with audible that is coming to an end, least until I can get back to work, but I need to use up my credits because once I cancel my account I loose my credits... so I am looking for suggestions...

what books have you read lately that you found interesting? does not matter the genre, although lately I find myself reading a lot of Christian based books, but what has sparked your interest?  Maybe its one I can find on audible.. sometimes I like to 'read' along in the book when its a slower cardio day, on those other all out cardio days its listen only...

I do have several on my iPod now but like I said I need to use up my credits.. use em or lose em!

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~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

I need to improve my reading. I'm not into audio. I get too distracted and don't know or remember what I am or did read. I need to keep my eyes busy and working. I've not done so well with my reading in the recent past. I've also been finding myself reading Christian books, especially since I'm rebuilding my marriage after almost losing it last Summer.

You might look into a website called shelfari.com it's all about books.