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Friday, January 1, 2010

you know your getting old when....

You don't even have the desire to go out on New Years Eve....but is that getting older or wiser?

I'm going with wiser!  just don't have to want to go out, get drunk like its the first time I've had an adult beverage in my life, and wake up the next day feeling like crude until 5 or 6pm. 

I guess its the thought too that while I may have been smarter to not drink and drive.. it does not mean that someone else was as wise.  So many times an innocent person is killed or harmed because someone else choose to drink and drive.  I guess I've resolved myself to say IF I go out on NYE, it has to be somewhere I can stay and not have to be on the road, even if I was not drinking.

Instead of going out, we ordered pizza, had some wine, was in PJ's by 8pm and worked on putting a puzzle together.  and that was just fine by me! Besides w/o knowing anyone its not like we could go out as adults there is a 7yr old to think about and knowing no one means no sitter.

Maybe by next NYE we will have made some friends in our area and we can plan a game night or something, that would be fun too.  Ah what a difference a year makes!!!


He & Me + 3 said...

So true...so much can happen in a year. WE just did dinner and a movie. It was nice and relaxing.

Jayme, The Coop Keeper said...

I think we all put too much emphasis on 'what are you doing NYE?' I was in bed by 9:30, which is late for me, cause I'm usually in bed by 8:30! I'm always excited for a new year, but have never felt the need to be out late in the night whooping it up. LOL I reckon I'm officially old. :-D

GirlyMuscle said...

It's also called growing up. WE can have adult beverages anytime. I personally, find more enjoyment just being at home with a glass of wine and my sweetie. I don't need anything or anyone else to entertain me. And truth be told I was in bed by 11pm. LOL

Tattoos and Teething Rings said...

I don't think it's "old" I think it's smart! I'm 31 and plenty of my friends still go out, but I choose to stay home (I also have 2 kiddos); my husband is a bartender and NYE is always I night I dread him working, because of the idiots that drink and drive. Luckliy he made it home without incident this year!