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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Back and Chest and HIIT

just in case I ever loose my workout journal nice to have it document elsewhere.... actually decided to lighten my loads a bit today and really concentrate on form and on using the muscle I'm working... sometimes ego gets in the way when you like to lift heavy and you start cheating and not making the mind muscle connection... so every now and again its time to slow it down, drop the ego and CONCENTRATE!

Back/Chest/HIIT cardio:

Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns (60 seconds rest between)
12 reps @70 x 4

Seated Rows s/s with Pushups (60S rest b/t)

12 @70 s/s w BW pushups (and not knees on the ground pushups)

DB Incline Chest Press (30 sec rest b/t)

12 @ 30 x 4

Close Grip Lat Pulldowns s/s w/DB pullovers (60S b/t)

12 @70 s/s w 25 x 4

1 Arm DB Rows (30S b/t)

10 each arm @35 x 4

Cable Crossovers (60S b/t)

10 @ 40 x 3

HIIT cardio TMill
5 min warm up, then cranked that puppy up to 6.5 to 7.0 mph, 30 seconds on, 15 seconds off for 10 minutes, then 5 min slow down at 3mph at 5% incline, the cranked it up again 6.5 to 7.0, 30 seconds on, 15 seconds off for 10 minutes, then walked it out at 3.5mph 5% incline for 10 minutes

then I actually took the time to stretch...yes I am a shameful BBer.... I don't stretch like I should but I will be incorporating this even if its something I do when I get home from work in the evening... I know its bad not to, GUILTY.... but if I expect to be able to do what I do years from now, I best take care of elongating the muscle I just shortened with stetching....


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