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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Surprise.... We're here...

Easter Weekend we had planned for a couple of months.  We wanted to surprise my dad and, we did!

We are in Charleston area of South Carolina, he is in Harrisburg IL (bout an hour west of Paducah KY).... all along dad thought my husband and I were going to head out for a road trip and end up in Florida.  Least that's what we told him...

We headed out Thursday night after work, drove 1/2 way, slept, and got to Harrisburg about lunch time... Called dad just to 'check in' - really we wanted to make sure he was home and hadn't run into town for lunch since we were about 2 driveways down at this point.  Yep he was home, in fact he'd just come in to rest a bit and get some lunch...


Unless you happen to be looking out the window the drive is far from the house so you'd not hear or see anyone coming up... we parked up by the barn and walked up to the house.  He rarely gets visitors, unless the cows are head butting the door for feed (which they do at times) - so he was a little taken back when he heard knocks... then the look on his face when he saw us on the other side was priceless (I wish I had my camera ready).

It was a great long weekend and we were all sad when it was time to head home.  But I thought I'd share some photo's from out trip there.

one of the many babies

she gets right down in that trough

More More or was it MOO MOO

this was the newest baby

Grinding hay for feeding

Kelly adores his father-in-law and I think its mutual

I'm not sure who had more fun, dad or Kelly

Farmer Paul 

the cows had gotten into a pasture he wasn't ready for them to be in yet

Farming is hard and dirty work

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