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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hotel Fitness Rooms

How is it when you look at the picture on the internet of a hotel fitness room it looks so freaking huge and equipped but then when you actually get there and check it out, totally different story. In NY training for the new job, so I got up early and headed to the 'gym' at the hotel - what a joke. I'm not kidding the picture on the net made that room look 20 times larger than it is. I mean if the photographer is that good, I want him to take my photo!

Did cardio on a rickity treadmill, cheap StarTrac bottom of the line model, then took a climb on the cheap StarTrac stair climber.... Oh well I got it done. Tonight I will hit some resistance training with the bands I purchased!

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LizN said...

Know exactly where you're coming from on that count Kim

I've added you to my Blogroll so please feel free to come and visit anytime.

Liz ;)