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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sunday 11/18 - off and running - sorta of

just couldn't handle another day of cardio at the gym so I put on some cold weather running clothing and headed out for a very short and not fast run :o) - I mean after not running for months you can't just put your running shoes back on and go balls to the wall.

As they say for cold weather running, when you go out the door you should initially be a little chilly cause you DO heat up on the run. I think I could have done without the windbreaker and just my long sleeved top but all was good, I was not one bit cold. But then again it ain't -30 out either.

I ran about 2.3 miles which was plenty for this non-runner who has not been running, I was not going for speed just going for getting my feet/legs/body back into the groove. Time was about 30 minutes or a 12:46 avg mile pace, that's ok by me. I wanted to be sure I kept my heart rate not soaring close to my max and I did that my average HR was 153 bpm.

Now its time to shower and head to Gurnee for a confirmation and luncheon.

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