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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Possible Bike Route/Loops this weekend.


Anybody wanna join us?

May be out this way biking saturday or sunday.... need to get in some hill work before Galena, not that the little bit of time between now and then will make a huge difference but just making some loops for hills will prepare me a little bit. Much like Waddler I've never been a stander on hills so I'll not only practice that, getting out of the saddle, but also work on the gearing, and not being so paranoid of the downhill - have to remember to let it fly sometimes because that fast downhill will be what helps get up the next hill.

We'd ride around here last year before Galena, out Glen Ellyn and Wheaton way and there was this hill on Summit that kicked my ass, then what I presumed to be a downhill that would have me going what felt fast about 20ish........... well I was always so parnoid of that downhill UNTIL I did Galena and the WI IM bike route... kinda freaks you out when you look down and your speed is in excess of 25 - 30mph, on a bike! sometimes 40mph on route we did in Wisconsin - after that the next time I hit that downhill and well the uphill on Summit even, they were like anthills, and I found myself laughing to myself about how scared I was previously....

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