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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 24 Shoulders!!

still happy to say not missed a day in 24 days...and just cause its Christmas tomorrow, I won't be missing then either.. Xsport is open 24/7/365 so I will get in a leg or arm workout before leaving for Florida... now getting in a day at the gym on Friday might prove to be difficult... but I figure if we get into town around Noon on Friday, I can get to my destination and the golds gym in the area is open till 11pm....No rest for the bodybuilder in training!

Shoulders today... my favorite part to train by far!

DB Shoulder Presses 1/10 @ 25, next set I tried for 30 and it kinda went like this... got 10 reps @ 30, dropped to 25 got 5 more, next set got 8 @ 30, dropped to 25 got 4 more, next set was the same 8 @ 30 dropped to 25 got 4 more...

Side Lateral Raise 3/12 @ 15 with last two reps on every set being slow negatives
Rear Lat Raise 3/12 @ 15
UpRight Row 3/12 @ 40
Rev Pec Dec 3/11 @ 40
Front Raise w/Plate 3/12 @ 25 last two reps on every set were slow negatives, then immediately after last set hit DB Front raise 8 reps @15, dropped right to 10lbs and got 12 reps

My shoulders were spent... I was crashing after the DB shoulder presses.. I ate dinner last night so not sure if my body is burning things faster or what but I HAD to get a protien shake from the gym literally sucked it down in what seemed like one gulp and felt oh so much better within a few moments...

after RT I hit the stairs for 25 minutes alternating between Level 6 and 1... 72 floors/1.51 miles.

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Michelle said...

You are doing SO great! What an inspiration. Merry Holidays!!