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it became

Monday, December 29, 2008

This weather ROCKS!

Fuck yeah my ass will be living in a warm climate and soon... maybe sooner than 2010. Will hook up with baby brother tomorrow for lunch and I told him get that guest room ready dude, you big sister might just be moving in... oh not forever... good gosh his gay lifestyle would be to much for me on a day in day out basis.. could end up with some good girlfriends though right..

Anyhow he and I will do lunch tomorrow and catch up.

I did end up missing A day from the gym... we left IL on the 25th at 11:30ish, drove for 13 hrs, hit other side of Atlanta and got a room for about 5 hrs of sleep, got up early and on the road again.. finally got to Florida and to my destination late afternoon on 26th... I wanted to nap and hit the gym but I was really asking a lot from my body, so I let it rest, just that one day...

got up on 27th and was back at it, same with 28th and today the 29th... The Golds gym is pretty nice, even this evening it was crowded but didn't seem overly crowded...

will post up workouts tomorrow but I am screaming from top of my lungs.... I HIT 100 ON BENCH PRESS!! yes I needed a spotter and he was a damn good spotter knew just how to spot and push and well looked good too, what can I say... you get a nice crotch shot view when someone is spottin' ya on bench and this was certainly a NICE view :p

ok time for some shut eye... gotta hit the gym for some cardio tomorrow...


IronSnoopy said...

W00t on the 100 lb. bench press! That is so cool.

And yay you for being in warm weather and enjoying your break. You sound happy. :)

Michelle said...

holy cow you are tough! I hope you take that as a compliment ;) Happy New Year!!