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Sunday, December 21, 2008

I made it... Day 21

While I have not posted every workout here... I have not missed the gym one day in 21days! Well ok I did miss the gym one day, but took my cardio outside instead.. that happened to be this past Friday when we got the lovely snow/ice crap.. wasn't worth trying to drive to work.. I mean for heavens sake I live a little over mile away...

The district was closed for the day because of weather but I went in anyhow... We called all the buildings on Thursday, told them because of the pending storm that #1 we were sending checks over today (payday was Friday) and if they expected to be paid on Jan 5th, all time sheets had to get to us Thursday.. original cut off was Friday the 19th...so my going into work.. it negated my having to go in this weekend. because of the holiday, offices being closed, direct deposit has to be to bank 2 business days before payday, and me being in Florida... my coworker and I had to get the payroll for the Jan 5th done before we leave for the holiday. The snow day worked in my favor in more ways than one..

First it was so nice and quite in the office Mary and I got everything done that we would have had to do probably Sat and Sunday...

Second, because we went in on a snow day and stayed the entire day... we get a comp day.. so bonus I don't have to burn a vacation day on Jan 2nd!

Third, it allowed me to take my cardio outside... I had a nice brisk walk to work thru the unplowed and unshoveled streets and sidewalks... I put on my iPod, put on my heavy snow boots and off I went... I must have been going at a good clip too... 5 minutes in I was sweating and had my jacket unzipped..after we finished up payroll stuff... Mary offered me a ride home... I declined... it wasn't bitter cold like today and I wanted to walk and listen to tunes..

So long and short of it is... I think this has definately become a habit again....sure there have been days I didn't want to go... today being one of them its so bitter cold outside... but I made a promise to myself and the best part is, I kept it!


IronSnoopy said...

Yay for keeping promises to yourself AND 21 days in a row. Suwheeet!

Have an awesome time in Florida.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Kim!

2009 is your year!

WADDLER26.2 said...

21 in a row---impressive.

HAve a great holiday!