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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Making a habit

the saying goes 21 days to make a habit, 21 days to break a habit... I'm trying to make a habit of getting back to the real me... so to that end, today marked day 13 in a row at the gym...

Thursday was a chest/back day

BB Bench Press 3/12 @ 65, 75, 75 and 1/10 @80
Machine Seated Row 3/12 @ 60, 75, 75
Cable Cross 2/12 @ 40, 45, 1 set 8 reps at 50 then had to drop back to 40 for 8 more
Lat Pull down 3/12@75
Pec Dec 3/12@45
T Bar Row 3/12 @ 25

Friday was cardio only... my parts are sore... 30 min on elliptical, 15 on bike

Today, day 13 and counting... was shoulders... most days I don't like much about me.. but I LOVE my shoulders.. don't know if it is genetics or hard work or both but even with some extra winter weight... I still have nice muscularity in my shoulders that shows when I work them...

DB Shoulder Press 3/12 @ 20,25,25
Side Lat Raise 3 sets shooting for 15 lbs but it worked to be 15 lbs for 10 reps, dropped to 10 lbs for 5 more for all three sets
Bent Over Raise 3/12 @10
UpRight Row 3/12 @30,35,35
Plate Front Raise 3/12 @25, finished up with 1 set of DB front raise 10 lbs 12 reps
Rev Pec Dec 3/12 @30

did 20 minutes on elliptical then headed home to shower and go to Indiana for a few hours... my mom colored my hair.. well its still red she just covered the grays...

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