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it became

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Third times a charm

first time in a long while I've strung three good days together... for now workouts are a bit disjointed I'm not UP for figuring anything out, just grab some workout off the net that says do this, do that, I don't have to think... for now, it works...

Arm day...

Lying Tricep Cable Ext 3 sets 12, 40 lbs supersetted with OH DB Extensions 3 sets 12, 20 lbs

Alternating DB curl 3/12@12.5 (oh so weenie) supersetted with Cable Curls 3/12 @ 40lbs

Preacher Curls 3/12 w/bar, and two sets with bar +10 total supersetted with Tricep Rope pulldown 3/12 @ 50

Still no time for cardio... I so gotta correct that...

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