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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Two in a Row!!

although I didn't drag my sorry ass out of bed this morning I did go to the gym... albeit after work... BAD BAD mistake.. I hate the gym at night, its crowded, people are rude, just a completely different breed at 5pm as opposed to 5am..

Again workouts are, in my book, very weenie right now, but after such a long layoff what can I expect and who can I blame.. ME...

in spite of being at the gym at night.. I did legs anyhow... I think trying to get back into a routine or working back from a layoff is the worst on your legs... I barely pushed any weight, yet I know my legs will be sore in the next day or so...kind of hard to do supersets when gym is crowded but I did the best I could...

Leg Press 4/12/70,90,90,90 (not counting sled) supersetted with Leg Extensions 4/12/60->

Seated Leg Curl 3/15/45-> supersetted with DB DeadLift 3/15/40-> (1 20lb in each hand)

only one set of squats 1/20/Olympic bar only... and last but not least.. and I hate working calves... 2/20/10.. yes only 10 lbs... it does not take much to make my calves burn... and whenever I work calves I get God awful cramps in the arches of my feet.. so between the burn and the cramps I weenie out quick... I know the pain tolerance will build back up too in time... well time and consistancy..

so there ya have it.. not much.. but better than not doing it at all right? Cardio was a totally mute point.. I was NOT waiting for a machine to open up.

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