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Friday, June 5, 2009

6/5/09 - Arms - Special Treat workout...

Flew into Sanford Fl airport, got in at 9pm, by the time I got to Rob's it was like 11:30pm, finally my head hit the pillow at 12:45am. Wasn't sure how great a workout this would be but I was not missing it.

I've made some great friends on the internet and some I've been fortunate enough to meet in person and Friday June 5th was my day to meet in person Steve and his wife Janet. We had made plans to hook up at 5am at the Gold's in Altamonte Springs Florida - nice big gym too! So going on maybe 3 hrs of sleep, plus I snoozed in the car on ride over cause Rob was kind enough to drive, I wasn't sure how great a workout this would be... but I get energy from the gym and I get stoked working out with others so it turned out to be a damn good workout after all.

Rob has his strongman comp on Saturday so he went along to take pictures, hang out with us and be a spotter and a great encourager and pusher, love him for that! Janet is prepping for her own show so we got to met and she had cardio to do... What a lovely woman, I can't wait till I am a Florida resident and can hang and grab a workout with her cause I bet she kicks ass in the gym, like me!

anyhow Steve and I killed some bi's and tri's and some calves.. it was great... we took some pics after that I will post up later, then Rob and I had breakfast at Perkins... his breakfast was more fun than mine, but its ok..its all good and I am gonna look fucking hot in these photo shoots and shredded to the bone come Sept contest.

BB Curl

1/10 @ 65 x 3 sets

Tri Rope Pushdown

1/10 @ 90 x 3 sets

Bicep Rope Hammer Curls

1/12 @ 60 x 3 sets

Tri OH DB Ext

1/12 @ 35
1/12 @ 40 x 2 sets
I think there was a 10 rep set with 50 I was pushed into ;o)

Bi Cont Curls on machine

1/10 @ 40
1/10 @ 50 x 2 sets

Close Grip Bench

1/10 @ 95
1/10 @ 105
1/10 @ 115
I think I did 5 reps with 135... not sure... Rob just mmmm loads it on there, but he is a great spotter so I know I'm safe...

did some calf work too with Steve...

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