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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Feeling the fire

Today... today felt so good to be back in the gym... I've lost a little strength but it will come back quickly...

Lifted back and chest did supersets...

BB Bench Press SS w/Lat Pull downs

1/10 @ 95 ss 1/10 @ 100
1/10 @ 100 ss 1/10 @ 100
1/10 @ 105 ss 1/10 @ 100

Incline DB Press SS w/1 Arm DB Rows

1/10 @ 30 ss 1/10 @ 40
1/10 @ 35 ss 1/10 @ 40
1/10 @ 40 ss 1/10 @ 45

Cable Cross SS w/Straight Arm Pull Down

1/10 @ 20 ss 1/10 @ 40
1/10 @ 25 ss 1/10 @ 40
1/10 @ 30 ss 1/10 @ 50

Then 45 minutes on the stepmill, level 5, sometimes taking two steps at a time... 150 floors/3.13 miles

as I am going thru this workout I'm thankful that it felt good to be in the gym again... i had really come to HATE being there.... was it attending the bodybuilding show last night... the one EYE should have been competing in??? was it just something clicking in my head of not being happy with my physique right now??? Was it a conversation with Matt regarding the body being a temple???? Is it my desire to get my personal training certificate and needing to walk the walk as I will teach my clients to do??? Was it seeing my friend Erin??? Conversations with Chayna???

Don't really know, don't have those answers... and it doesn't really matter... I feel the fire again within me, maybe not the fire to contest diet and prep, but just the desire to right myself and take care of my temple...

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