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Monday, January 10, 2011

Back and Biceps and Cardio oh my...

well today started off NOT so grand, but turned out ok after all...I changed some things on my membership at the gym (namely removing two people) but in order to facilitate that since my original contract was not up.. I had to recommit to 2 more years... yeah ok just do it... well in the workings of all this they completely wiped out my old membership and re-entered me as a brand new member basically... well this amounted in my not having a picture in the system anymore, and when I swiped my tag this AM.. it didn't work (new tag had to be created) well I was not prepared at 430AM, and walked out the house with no ID (yes I know not smart but forgive me this has not been my routine lately).

anyhow today in South Carolina... we got some winter weather... now I am close to the beach areas so what northern SC got as snow we got as ice and freezing rain... the roads for the most part were ok... but the bridges and overpasses were treacherous...so much so that main arteries onto the Island I work on were closed to traffic - this after police had to clean up many accidents and then close the bridges after escorting what vehicles were there one by one over the bridges... so it meant I literally could not get to work through any means other than if I had wings and could fly... woo hoo... office closed!

but it meant that I could actually fix my fubar from this morning and get my back and bi work in... I got the cardio done after my mess up at gym.. i just came home and did the elliptical... I was handed lemons and I made lemonade... but man I was DREADING having to go lift tonight when it is jammed packed... then God gave me a miracle in the form of weather!

I have to admit... today was tough mentally as well as physically... to know where my physique has been... to see those (last) set of before pictures the other day... to the mental toughness of knowing what basically has amounted to a year-long layoff in the gym has done to my strength... it killed me... i started to be sad about it but then envoked my support team via text and they seriously helped...

If it is the death of me... I will never find myself HERE again... if it means I work with Allison until the day I die then so be it, I've given permission to one member of my support team to shoot me and I'd by the ticket to fly her here to do so, IF I am ever HERE again!  I guess I could have let everything that happened today spin me mentally in a WRONG direction... but you know what... all of it and specially my loss of strength has done nothing more than pour gasoline on my fire!  and let me tell you the fire was already hot... but now, it could melt steel in seconds!

I wasn't even going to post my weenie weights but I will because it will suffice to remind me what happens when I don't do what I'm supposed to do!

Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns SS w/Hammer Curls - 3 sets of 10, 30 second rest b/t sets:
60/15, 75/15, 75/15

Seated CG Row SS w/Preacher Curls - 3 sets of 10, 30 sec. rest b/t sets:
60/empty PC Bar x 3

1 Arm DB Row SS w/Standing BB Curl - 3 sets of 10, 30 sec. rest b/t sets:
20/30 x 3

Assisted WG Pullups - 4 sets of 15, 30 sec. rest b/t sets:
10@120 (to hard), 15@160 (to easy), 15@140 x 2

Neutral Grip Pulldowns - 6 sets, pyramid, 60 sec rest b/t sets: (I may not have understood what she meant here either)
5@90 (had to use double pulley system buttheads using other machine and I was spent already) s/b 8 reps

Alternating DB Curls - 6 sets, pyramid, 60 sec rest b/t:
next set was to be 12 reps I got 7@15, 5@10
next set was same as above
next set was to be 10 reps I got 7@15, 3@10
last set was 8@15

now I fully admit I need to converse with Allison.. I may have failed in what she meant by pyramiding... in concept I know what it means but you usually pyramid up or down and reps get less or more, just need to know what SHE meant since the rep scheme is different... and I have to admit the little rest between sets is KILLER.... and I am still being humbled by the loss of strength (i.e. summer of 09 I was easily curling a 25lb dumbbell and I could do pull ups UNASSISTED) but I also know muscle has memory and the strength will come back quickly... so my first prideful thought was I am NOT posting what sissy weights I lifted... but my more sane thought was oh yes you will humble yourself and you WILL remember this pain.

so there it is... in black and white, so to speak... and even though the numbers weren't what I think they should be based on where I've been... MY WORD MY BICEPS ARE SORE NOW and I am starting to feel my back.... yeah its all good!

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