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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Yes it is STILL the Sears Tower

ah a photo that reminds me of what was once home

maybe one day, now that I no longer live in the area... I'll go to the top to site see... like a tourist...

I've only ever been to the top of the Sears Tower


via the stairclimb!

ah yes that was a fun day...


it started with me forgetting something, running back up steps to get it, snow, ice, wooden steps, slippery, me in a hurry, and BAM on my ass I went...


from the 3rd floor landing to the 2nd floor landing
(i thought my pride was more bruised, well till I saw my butt later)
but still I made the climb...

2,109 steps, 103 floors to the top, 1,353 vertical feet to the famous Sears Tower Skydeck
And speaking of which... I realize its been sold and is no longer the 'Sears Tower' but


and countless other locals

it will forever be THE SEARS TOWER!

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